No cleanup.  No smearing or smudging.  Latex Free.



Infa-Print Inkless Wipe  –  Item #3117  –  100 wipes per Jar
Treated Wipe used to produce inkless print on treated paper products.
Infa-Print Inkless Individual Wipe  –  Item #3120  –  1 wipe per Pouch
Treated Wipe used to produce inkless print on treated paper products.


Infa-Print Inkless Seal  –  Item #2104  –  500 seals per Box
Treated Seals are used to adhere to untreated forms, glossy forms and baby books.  Use one Infa-Print Wipe, wipe infant’s foot and/or hand then press it to the treated Infa-Print Inkless Seal.  Inkless print will develop.  Peal the seal from backing and place it where the inkless print is needed.


Infa-Print Inkless Medical Record Form  –  Item #2105  –  100 sheets per Pad
Infa-Print Inkless Medical Record Form ½ Sheet  –  Item #2108  –  100 sheets per Pad
Use one Infa-Print Inkless Wipe, wipe Infant’s feet and/or hand & Mother’s finger, then press them to the treated Infa-Print Medical Record Form.  Inkless prints will develop.


Custom Items:
Custom Inkless Medical Record Forms  –  Item #2110  –  100 sheets per Pad
Custom Inkless Birth Certificates  –  Item #2115  –  250 per box
Demise, In Memory of Certificates – Item #2120
We can print your current form and certificate on treated paper.  You can customize our Medical Record Form to make it your own: add your logo, pictures, hole punches, perforation, unpadded, shrink-wrapped.  Ask, and we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

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